Story time

It was 2:30 in the afternoon, my wife was taking a nap after being up all night with our youngest kid Moo, who is fighting a cold. Our three and a half-year-old daughter Peanut has the same cold. It’s a real germ-fest in our house right now.

Kids are particularly good at listening and doing what they’re told. Wait. I messed that up.

Kids are NOT particularly good at listening and doing what they’re told. (Even as I write this, trying to recap a part of our day I’m battling the older daughter Peanut, as she tries every trick in the book to prolong going to sleep) So today at 2:30 pm the two girls were actively destroying the living room when I suggested that they take naps. I figured they’re both sick, they’re not overly cranky yet, maybe they’ll settle down and go to sleep.

Hah! I was right. They did just that. I gave the little one to my sleeping wife, who nursed her right down and the other passed out the minute her head hit the pillow. Victory! But as I lay there I thought about these two things I had a hand in creating. I thought what I know now might be valuable to a young lad out there with a pregnant wife or girlfriend, who is scared shitless of what’s about to happen. And I also thought I love this kid so much…but Jesus, I’m hungry.

Now there are many “dad blogs” out there and I’ll be honest I haven’t read a single one so maybe I’m ignorant in saying I can offer advice better, but what I hope to provide is a truly accurate portrayal of what it’s been like for myself and my family, day by day with no bullshitting.

To wrap up the story, two hours later and after many failed attempts to sneak out of my daughter’s room, the FedEx guy rang the doorbell, the dog barked like a psycho, my daughter work up crying but on the bright side I finally got to eat my now super cold cheese taco I left on the counter prior to nap time.


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