You’re going to turn into a string cheese 

My daughter Peanut loves anything dairy. Whether it is cheese, ice cream, or cheese it doesn’t matter, she wants to eat it at every meal. She isn’t a picky eater really, she eats a lot of what we put in front of her but occasionally it does take some coaching. Being pescatarian hasn’t posed any problems either. Myself being a pescatarian (fish no meat) for a little over a year now has allowed us to be creative with meals but also it introduced the kids to different flavors early on. Peanut loves seafood, even oysters. I couldn’t have been prouder than the day she threw back a raw oyster with a splash of lemon like a champ, while we were on vacation in Charleston, SC.

That being said Peanut does stick to eating one thing over and over and over. String Cheese. That is her go to food. One of her first sentences was “more cheese.” That’s not a joke, we contemplated naming Moo “more cheese” so that Peanut already knew her name. There’s still a dairy element to her name though and that may or may not be a coincidence.

Constantly, multiple times a day, Peanut asks for string cheese. “I’m hungry,” she says immediately upon waking up “I want string cheese.”

“How about we have some breakfast,” I say.

“Breakfast and string cheese,” she counters.

After some breakfast and of course her beloved string cheese we hang out, watch tv, play, whatever. The day progresses towards lunch time and she gets a hankering again. “Daddy, can I have a string cheese, please?” she asks. “You just had one honey,” I reply. This doesn’t deter her one bit. “I want a string cheese.” I can feel the tension in the room start to build. “Maybe later, let’s eat lunch first,” I suggest.  This battle happens every day and usually multiple times a day.

It is frustrating to constantly argue with a child about what they have to eat or to eat at all. I find myself staring at Peanut and thinking “what don’t you understand about the fact that if you don’t eat you die?” I get it, why don’t you kid? The uphill battle not only to get a kid to eat but to eat healthily can be solved with a few creative techniques. So here I have outlined my “super non-official and maybe not the best advice tips and tricks to get your kid to eat healthily.”


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